Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello, it's been awhile...

It has been awhile since I have posted here!  So long in fact that there is nothing on the blog announcing the fact that we are expecting the arrival of bundle-of-sunshine #3 this fall.  We have been busily preparing for baby, beginning our homeschool curriculum, surviving the outrageous heat wave (105-ish for weeks on end), and harvesting gobs of peppers and tomatoes and learning to can them.  I am still doing my birth doula work through the end of this month, as well as photography (www.life-in-bloom.com), graphic design projects, teaching childbirth education and VBAC classes, midwifery school, and this week I get to start nannying two other sweet little girls during the daytime.

Sometime soon I will be posting pictures of some of our canned (jarred) vegetables as well as a bit about my hubby's new passion-barbeque and smoking all sorts of tasty things.  I am also working on sewing diapers for baby #3 and hope to get some pics and maybe even some tutorials up in the coming weeks.

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Kate said...

Wow...you're not busy at all are you?!?! I can't imagine nannying other kids while preggo with #3...not to mention all your other projects!! Way to go, Mama!