Friday, September 4, 2009

The Month-long Saga of our Chicken Coop

Chillin' with my Peeps

(one of our Easter Egger hens pictured above)

This photo album chronicles the month-long project of building our chicken coop and filling it with chickens! 95% of the coop was done in a weekend, but it took us another 4 weeks to put the finishing touches on it and finally get our birds!

We didn't have any plans or blueprints going into this so we were winging it (no pun intended) the whole way. I think we learned some lessons along the way for next time, but overall it turned out pretty good!

Organic eggs here we come!

Hubby with the floor frame

Yup, our chickens get vinyl floors, it's like a deluxe chicken condominium :)

Taking measurements for the window and door

The frame!
All built out of plywood and 2x4's

Putting together the nesting box

Max-the chicken stalker

The finished product! Minus the barn stars I bought for the doors that the kids keep taking down...

One of our Zinnias blooming under a Sunflower

A couple of our Plymouth Rocks and our White Leghorn (daddy was a Rhode Island Red, so she has some red highlights)

Kids feeding the chickens pasta

Happy hens gobbling up the treats in their run!