Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday

"Before about 1915, boyhood was seen by most grown-ups as a state of natural savagery.  A boy of ten or twelve had more in common with wild Indians than he did with his own parents.  He probably even had more in common with his dog.  Later he would change, of course.  He would undergo a spiritual metamorphosis as striking as the physical one his sister went through.  From it he would emerge thinking like a man.  But now, and for some years to come, he was going to think like a savage.  That automatically placed him in a state of war with civilization, as represented by his parents and his sister."    -Noel Perrin from The American Boy's Handy Book

Today we are celebrating our little man turning 7 years old.  Peter, every day you bring me joy and challenges, and every day I strive to embrace those things that are in your nature as a wild and wonderful little boy.  

Happy birthday, with love,