Monday, May 7, 2012

Neapolitan-style Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, and Arugula

I've been needing to get this post out of my system since I posted the pasta recipe with wild arugula.  Here's another delicious way to eat wild arugula!  This is the simplest weeknight meal that you can have on the table in under an hour.  I've already blogged the recipe for the neapolitan pizza dough here (this time I let the dough rise for half an hour though).  Follow the directions for making your pizza dough, then simply top with your favorite tomato sauce (or make your own simple tomato sugo-see below), slices of fresh mozzarella, slices of tomato, and a handful of wild arugula and you're ready go!  Bake at 450-500 for 8-12 minutes.

I also want to introduce my improvised rolling pin.  A couple months ago our family stayed for a week in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I did a lot of baking while we were there, but I didn't bring a rolling pin so I improvised one with an empty wine bottle!  It worked so well as a rolling pin that I've been using an empty wine bottle when I bake at home instead of my nice wooden pin!

World's Simplest Tomato Sugo (yummy on pasta, risotto, pizza, and more!)
1 lb. ripe Campari or San Marzano tomatoes
1 stick salted butter

Melt butter in pan.  Halve the tomatoes and place face down in the melted butter.  Cook over low heat stirring/pressing occasionally until the tomatoes have broken down and formed a sauce with the butter.  Strain in a fine mesh sieve to remove skins and seeds.  Taste.  Add salt if necessary.

*Note: This is not a thick/chunky Ragu-style sauce, which is what most American families are used to eating with their Spaghetti.  It is a thin, fresh tasting sauce that reminds me of the kind of tomato sauce I ate often when I lived in Rome.  I hope you enjoy it!