Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Free-ranging Hens

I haven't posted the happy news about how dog-chicken relations have improved at our house!  Last time I posted about our dogs and our chickens it was my 'Time to Lock the Nesting Box' post about our dog, Max, wedging himself through the nesting box and ending up inside the chicken coop.  A couple of months ago our dogs suddenly decided that the chickens were no longer fun and interesting and everyone has been able to peacefully co-exist in the yard since.  I snapped this picture of our happy free-ranging hens from my kitchen window the other night while cooking dinner.  I call them my 'mobile flowers.'  They are loving getting full access to the bugs, dirt, grass, and plants in our backyard and our vegetable garden.  We need to strategically place some nesting bins around the yard for them because right now we are finding eggs all over the place!

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