Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Vegetable Garden Expands...

We finally got all the pots of vegetables off our deck! We fenced off a corner of the yard and built a number of raised beds, with a central bed and walkway. We still need to add some finishing touches, like an arbor around the gate, but at least we got our seeds in the ground in time for fall harvest!

We spent the extra $$ to get really good dirt for the garden with compost and turkey manure already mixed in. Now we just need to get our own composting system set up and we'll be good to go next year!

Here's a little photo album of the project:

The kids love to help out in the new garden...

We just have to keep Izzy from picking all the tomatoes!

Heirloom Winter Squash sprouts only a day after we planted them!

Several thousand pounds of topsoil was dumped in our driveway at 7pm, needless to say we worked into the night to haul it all, poor hubby!

Sowing our seeds

Checking out the handiwork

Laying down newspaper to deter weeds

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