Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching Up and Our Veggie/Herb Garden!

I am playing major blogging catch-up here!  I've been saving all these photos and recipes and tid-bits here and there and just haven't had any time to sit down and blog them.  It's been a bit hectic around here (as usual) juggling raising 2 kids, 4 dogs, planting the vegetable garden, digging flower beds, trying to feed everyone, and running 2 businesses!

First, here are some shots of our modest beginnings of a vegetable/herb garden.  Currently housed in pots on our porch, but we tilled out the big veggie garden area in the corner of the yard last weekend.  We just need to get some good soil and compost in there and put up a fence, arbor, and gate to keep out our 2-legged and 4-legged children.  :)  We've been adding week by week and we now have:
Rutgers Heirloom Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Heirloom Tomatoes
Roma Grape Tomatoes
Japanese Eggplant
Red and Yellow Sweet Peppers
Crookneck Squash
Sweet Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Italian Flatleaf Parsley
German Thyme
Lemon Tree
2 Peach Trees
3 Apple Trees (Golden Delicious and Granny Smith)

and soon hoping to add Zucchini, Sage, Cilantro, Chives, Oregano, Broccoli, lettuces and Green Beans to the mix!

None of the veggies have ripened yet, but the herbs have been used A LOT in my cooking lately.  The husband is completely sick of basil, so I am not allowed to put it on his food anymore!

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