Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Beginning

I am writing this blog for two reasons, first because every time I come up with a new recipe I scribble it down on some scrap paper or the back of an envelope and promptly lose it. And second, because I'm hoping to share some of my food adventures with friends, family, and anyone else who cares to read!

Peter and Isabelle (13 months and 27 months) and my husband, also Peter, are my taste-testers as well as any willing friends who come by. I love to feed people and I want my children to have a love of food and an appreciation of cooking. I try to cook foods that are kid friendly but that I wouldn't be embarrased to serve to guests. I plan on writing notes to accompany many of the recipes that will tell you how to make "grown-up" versions and many will also have notes on how to make pureed baby-food versions.

I hope you have fun reading the blog and cooking for the kids (and big-kids) in your life!

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Kate said...

God bless you, Heather! You're a keeper. I wish I loved to cook. I DO love to EAT however, and I love to see the adorable pics of the babes, so I'll be a frequent visitor to this blog too!